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What is mastering?

Mastering is the final step in transforming your music before its released. Optimise your tracks so that it’s ready for streaming, download and replication. Steve Kitch Mastering offers high-end audio mastering to bands, musicians, labels, studios, and producers. Steve Kitch uses the best in world-class analogue hardware and digital gear.

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Play before you pay

You can achieve the highest level of audio quality without breaking your bank balance, and here at Steve Kitch Mastering, we believe you should hear the results of our mastering before any payment is taken. A free test master is offered to all new clients (subject to availability). Simply upload your track and hear your music mastered before you pay a penny. Any tweaks or changes are included until you are 100% happy.

Online Mastering Studio

Mastering engineer with over 25 years of experience

Steve Kitch has been mastering records for over 25 years. His experience in this industry means that he can offer extensive knowledge of all music genres and the latest formats to get the best possible sound from your original mix.

  • Kevin Dean
    Steve is great, and I feel he actually connects with the track and crafts it to exactly what it needs to be. Very good communications. Two of my tracks so far for two different labels. Two completely different styles. Thanks Steve, more tracks coming soon. Brilliant service! 🎸🎧🎹πŸ₯
    Kevin Dean
  • Mike P Wyatt
    Quick turnaround with a job very well done, taking my mix to the next level! Very easy to work with and I'll be back for more in the near future, thank you!
    Mike P Wyatt
  • Chloe March
    I've been having my music mastered by Steve now for ten years. I was nervous sending off my work to someone I didn't know, but I remember being so amazed hearing the results of Steve's work for the first time and I still am now every time I get the test masters back! There is always a beautiful depth, clarity and airiness to the tracks and now, three Albums, three EP's and many Singles later, it's great to feel so secure that my music is in such good hands. Thankyou Steve!
    Chloe March
  • Daniel Roberts
    I'm so happy with the master that Steve did on an instrumental piece. So quick and friendly. He's got great ears and knew exactly what I was after. There was no faff or negativity at all and the end result is better than I had hoped for. Will deffo be back.
    Daniel Roberts
  • Chris Bestwick
    We've had three projects mastered by Steve now, a total of 13 tracks, and they have all been perfectly mastered first time, each time. Steve is a pleasure to work with; he brings great musical understanding and I wholeheartedly recommend him!
    Chris Bestwick
    Archie the Goldfish
  • Kenny Ali
    Everything sounds PERFECT!!!! Steve Kitch Definitely Exceeded my Expectations!! Looking forward to working with Him on future projects!!!
    Kenny Ali
  • Jel Legg
    Wow! Steve just nailed the mastering for us on what we think was a challenging album with a myriad of styles and dynamics to consider. He glued it all together and made it sound warm, cohesive and awesome! Hearing it presented as a beautifully mastered album, after so long focussing on the details of the mixes and arrangements, was quite emotional to be honest. We are fiercely self-reliant and independent in every aspect of our music production but Steve quietly, and without fuss, proved what a massive difference professional (and very affordable) mastering can have. We recommend him completely. 5 Stars. Jel & Julie, OLDER, NZ
    Jel Legg
  • Eiliv Sagrusten
    Steve is my new go-to mastering engineer, without a doubt.I've sent him several mixes within all genres and styles, and he's made them all shine. My clients are always super happy, and neither me or them have ever asked for revisions. It's incredible how much detail, depth and air he can pull out of the mixes. He's fantastic at compressing without killing transients or making the processing obvious - always very musical.On the service side of things he's very professional and easy to talk to about scheduling, optimizing/re-uploading my mixes and the whole process in general. Always super fast at both delivering masters and replying mails. He even mastered a song for me while on tour!I've used all the best engineers in my area, but I'm gonna stick with Steve and his magic buttons.
    Eiliv Sagrusten
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