Recent Mastering and Clients

What is audio mastering?

Mastering is the final step in transforming your music before it is replicated or ready for download. Audiomaster offer high-end audio and CD mastering to labels, studios, bands, producers and musicians. Our experienced engineers use sophisticated techniques to improve the clarity, definition, and depth of your recording.

Play before you pay

You can achieve the highest level of audio quality without breaking your bank balance, and here at Audiomaster we believe you should sample our mastering service completely FREE of charge. Simply upload your track and hear your music mastered before you pay a penny. No payment is taken until you are 100% happy and give us the go-ahead using our online approval system.

The difference between a demo and a record

With the first class tools at our disposal, our mastering engineers can give your music the same dynamic range and tone as some of the best records out there. Whatever your taste, be assured that Audiomaster can cater for your needs with the ability to work with various styles of music, such as dance, rock, classical, jazz, R&B, reggae and more! A phrase often used to described what our mastering does is “it’s the difference between a demo and a record”.

15 years of mastering experience

Specialising in online transfer and mail-order mastering, Audiomaster is now entering its fifteenth year of operation, with an ever growing client base and a continually enhanced service to you, our customer. Our experience in this industry means that we can offer fully trained engineers with extensive knowledge of various music preferences to get the best possible sound from your original master.

What our clients are saying…