What to expect from mastering and Audiomaster

Using esoteric analogue hardware and sophisticated digital techniques we can improve the clarity, definition and depth of your recording. We can add proper equalisation, compression, limiting, dithering plus reduce hiss, hum, crackles and clicks.

Edits and fades can be done for smooth transitions between songs. In extreme cases, we can even take care of timing problems, dropouts, glitches, unwanted passages and dropped notes.

The final product can be supplied as digital files ready for digital distribution, digital DDP image ready for replication or a Red Book CD master.

When your mastering is finished you will receive digital masters as standard. Should you require it then we can provide a digital DDP image which can be sent to a replication company via the internet. The DDP file is accompanied by a PC/Mac player which enables you to play the file, extract WAV files and burn a CD reference copy. We can also supply a Red Book CD master if required.


If you’re ready for the big time then look no further. Audiomaster will make your music ready for the internet, shops, radio or clubs.


We can adjust song-spacing, individual song levels, overall loudness levels plus fade-ins and fade-outs so your CDs sound as good (if not better) than your favourite commercial releases. The volume levels will be appropriate to maintain a consistency across the entire album.


We can improve the clarity, definition and warmth of cold or flat digital recordings. We can eliminate pops, spikes and extraneous studio noises so your music shines through and gives you the professional edge.


We can provide your masters in a variety of digital formats ready for digital distribution, online retailers and streaming.

What to expect from Audiomaster

Free advice and support
Friendly service
Excellent communication
Quick turnaround
Online preview of your mastered tracks for approval
Download masters online in any format
DDP 2.0 Image supplied online
Mac/PC player for listening and evaluation
Data backup and archival of your project
Great sounding tracks!
Audiomaster Mastering Studio