Mastered for iTunesAudiomaster is proud to be personally selected by Apple to be an approved ‘Mastered for iTunes’ mastering studio.

Apple has recently released a new phase of its AAC digital encoding technology which now accepts high-resolution masters to create its final digital files for distribution in its iTunes stores. Audiomaster has been working closely with Apple and has integrated their latest tools to allow clients to hear exactly how their masters will sound on the iTunes store. The AAC format has been around for a while but the latest incarnation now accepts masters at 24-bit rate and with resolutions as high as 96khz. Until recently Apple required the same 16bit masters used to produce CDs but now digital downloads can now benefit from the more advanced higher resolution formats used in today’s studios. Mastering engineers have to be certified by Apple in order to submit ‘MFiT’ files. Audiomaster can provide you with masters optimised for the new Mastered for iTunes format. For further details please contact us.