What formats can you provide my final master in?

What formats can you provide my final master in?

Once your mastering has been completed then we can supply you with a combination of:


You can also download your masters in a variety of formats. The most popular is CD quality 16bit 44.1khz WAV files.

DDP Image

A DDP (Disc Description Protcol) is an image of your CD master. No CD is burnt during this process so this emlimates potential errors. It can also be downloaded/uploaded saving on time and postage costs. Please check with your replicator that they can accept this format but any reputable company will. We also provide a PC/Mac player which allows you to play, burn a reference copy and extract WAV files. More information on the DDP format can be found here.

Red Book CDR Master

Some replicators still insist on sending RedBook CDR masters and we can provide these.  If supplied we can encode with ISRC codes and CD-Text.

For a guide on current mastering formats please click here.