Digital Editing

Digital editing is the manipulation of audio within the digital domain. We use the latest in Mac audio workstations combined with Steinberg’s Wavelab v9.0 Pro and Isotope RX 5. This offers high-resolution multi-channel audio editing and restoration which gives us full flexibility and pristine audio quality.

izotope-rx4-advanced-highlightAudiomaster can perform audio repairs and enhancement, fixing common audio problems like noises, distortions, and inconsistent recordings. We can transform previously unusable audio into pristine material. Here are a few examples of some of the things possible…

  • We can turn flawed audio into pristine, usable material by removing noises, distortions, reverb, and more.
  • Get smooth, even, and consistent vocal and dialogue takes. We can match and balance multiple recordings.
  • Deliver professional-quality results with speed and efficiency, meeting compliance requirements and international broadcast standards.
  • Clean up clipped, damaged and noisy dialogue/recordings.
  • Isolate and reduce troublesome background noise
  • Eliminate the amp hum, equipment hiss, and environmental noise that can ruin your recordings.
  • Fix problems like clipping, audio dropouts, and other sudden unwanted sounds.
  • Remove unwanted reverb and improve the quality of on-location recordings
  • Attenuate certain sounds within a mix when you can’t return to source audio.
  • Remove noises from live recordings
  • Clean up voiceover and narration mouth noises
  • Reduce sudden wind noises, location noise, and electrical buzz/hum on-location interviews.
  • Repair distorted audio affected by sudden screams and other undesirable sounds

Examples of what we can offer

  • Edit mixes – create radio edits or extended remixes
  • Radio broadcast
  • DJ mixes and compilations
  • Create single tracks from multiple takes
  • Add sound effects, voice-overs and extra instrumentation
  • Remove unwanted material or artefacts
  • Volume changes, fades and cross-fades
  • Restoration – accurately restore impaired audio recordings with the latest restoration technology available on the market
  • File conversion
  • Scientific audio archiving and restoration
  • Forensic analysis

If you have any specific requirements then please contact us to discuss.